Basix® Quartz Surface is comprised of 93% natural quartz. Basix® Quartz Surface is non-porous and therefore impervious to stains, moisture & bacteria. Ideal for kitchens and baths, it is easy to clean and does not require regular sealing. Basix® Quartz Surface is scratch and heat resistant. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, Basix® Quartz Surface slabs are wider than most quartz manufacturers which reduces overall installed costs.


Specifically designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable, solid surface countertops have been in demand for over 50 years. With over 30 color options, Basix® Solid Surface countertops can fit virtually any design need while also being one of the easiest countertops to care for. Basix solid surface is non-porous, stain-resistant and never needs to be sealed. The inherent benefits of Basix® Solid Surface make it ideal for healthcare environments, high traffic areas as well as the home where beauty, function and durability can be created without boundaries.


Finally, you can say yes to marble in the kitchen. With innovative engineering, no other surface on the market combines perfect marble design with the durability of quartz. Inspired by timeless Italian marble, Polarstone is an advanced quartz surface that is heat, scratch and chip resistant and made for those who love to cook. With Polarstone, you can incorporate uncompromising marble aesthetics with surface performance resulting in limitless options for your surfacing needs.



Basix Surfaces is a company dedicated to bringing differentiated product solutions to the surfacing industry. We specialize in providing customized design and product offerings to meet specific project needs.

The Basix Surfaces Management Team has over 65 years of experience in the surfacing industry. This knowledge has allowed Basix Surfaces to develop a route to market tailored to maximize yield and provide lower installed costs.

Our Mission: To provide quality, affordable surfacing solutions